Re: Is this forum moving in the right direction ? #Learning

Lauren Bienkowski

Thank you, Helmi, Méschac, Sarah, and Tamo.  Very important points raised.  As Tamo said, for more individualized support to your context, you can email your relevant Help Desk, who can provide direct support and also pull in a few additional colleagues / Child Protection Coordinators who are working within your country or region and the CP AoR Senior Localisation Specialist.  

For colleagues in Yemen, please contact Ahmad Salem, CP AoR Arabic Help Desk: CPAOR_ArabicHelpDesk@... and you are welcome to join the CP AoR Arabic Help Desk Facebook Group.  

For colleagues in DRC, contact Adama Diallo, CP AoR French Help Desk: CPAOR_FrenchHelpDesk@... and wonderful if you can join the CP AoR French Help Desk Facebook Group.

Sarah, you and I are in touch, so perhaps we can look at some joint advocacy on this issue, looping in Fatuma and others. 

But, as Tamo mentioned, ensuring local NGOs have the support and funding that is needed is an ongoing, critical issue, and I know more and more coordination groups are working on this.  In addition to the Still Unprotected report, the CP AoR recently evaluated progress in terms of localising humanitarian responses and promoting local leadership, influence, and direct funding to local actors. This report highlights some key recommendations with regards to how national organizations could be better recognized and supported (pgs. 22-24).    

Hopefully we can connect further on what concrete actions are relevant for you and your context.  

Warm regards, 


CP AoR Global Help Desk

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