Re: Is this forum moving in the right direction ? #Learning


Many thanks, Helmi, Meschac, Sarah, and Tamo for this valid point and Lauren for providing more insightful information in this regard. However, I can say there is a serious communication gap in advocating to strengthen local capacity to access and manage funding directly from a donor between the global and national offices. While the global team/offices are advocating for the grain bargain and localization agenda, the team at the national and state level are making it like a competition between the INGOs and National NGO rather than the collaborative approach. For Instance, the recent launch of EOI by education cannot wait for a multi-year grant to support education in emergency activities, NNGO consortium was disqualified base on the ground that they have not managed up to  £20,000,000 which I see as unrealistic in this regards. Therefore, there is a need to improve on the communication strategy toward a collaborative approach than the competition for better results and impact. 

Yusuf Tijjani 
Grow Strong Foundation 

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