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CHE-CPAOR ArabicHelpDesk

Dear Marion,


My name is Ahmad Salem and I am the Arabic Help Desk at the Global CP AoR. I would love to participate in the revision of this important course as I want to convey some voices from the field. Please let me know how I can be included in the revision.


Kind regards,



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Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2020 5:12 PM
Subject: #COVID19Resource #covid19response #Learning


Dear colleagues,

I hope you are all good and having a good week.

I am reaching out as we are starting the revision process of the "MOOC Protecting Children During COVID-19" (
We would like to do so with inputs from colleagues from country programmes ideally, from the CP sector and others as well (obviously in particular education, GP and health) - primarily because the MOOC is meant to target them at first!

I wanted to ask you if you could potentially be interested to support us with this process,
or if within your network, agency, organisation or teams you could identify some key people that could be willing to take the course (or a part of it) and provide feedback to us using the attached feedback form?

Due to the different topics this MOOC is touching upon (Safeguarding, Justice, Alternative Care, MHPSS...), feedback doesn't need to be extensive, nor complete - you could for instance target a specific topic (i.e justice) if you have a technical profile.

The course is free and you get a certificate upon completion!

Just FYI, we're targeting a second (revised) iteration of the MOOC for the beginning of 2021 (Feb, approximately), before launching translations to Spanish.

Happy to discuss this further if you need clarifications,
Do not hesitate to reach me out at: facilitation@...

Best regards,


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