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Lauren Bienkowski

Hi All, 

Here's the recording link and other relevant information from this webinar held on the 1st of May.  




Dear all,  

On May 1st, we hosted a webinar with the Global Health, CCCM and Shelter Clusters on Approaches to isolation, quarantine and prevention measures such as shielding of vulnerable individuals in a Humanitarian Setting: Practices and considerations in a COVID-19 context.  We would like to thank you and express our immense gratitude for your active participation in the Webinar. Owing to a high level of interest and limited capacity, we apologise to those who were unable to join us.

Please find below the links to the meeting recording and various key documents:

  • WHO guidance on IPC for the safe management of a dead body in the context of COVID-19. Click here
  • WHO guidance on operational considerations for case management of COVID-19 in health facility and community . Click here
  • WHO guidance on considerations for quarantine in individuals in the context of containment for COVID-19. Click here 
  • WHO guidance on home care for patients with COVID-19 presenting with mild symptoms and management of their contacts . Click here 
  • To access presentation by the CCCM Cluster. Click here
  • To access presentation by the Health Cluster. Click here
  • To access presentation by the Shelter Cluster. Click here
  • To access the meeting recording. Click here

We will be sharing the Q&A from the webinar this week, as well as the schedule for the upcoming webinars that are part of the webinar series on the topic.

For more specific guidance or tools please click the following links:

CCCM  Resources
Health Resources
Shelter Resources
GPC Resources










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