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Dear Désirée ETOBE,


Thank you so much for your post and I am sorry to respond in English! Especially I want to thank you for sharing the inspiring information about strong collaborative CP and GBV activities.  It is encouraging to hear that case workers are trained to respond to both CP and GBV cases, and that Health and PSS are included too. Do you encourage/offer joint training opportunities for case workers to continue building these skills? I would also be interested to know if you have developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or other type of agreement governing the activities and collaborative process?


COVID-19 is highlighting the need for maximizing both CP and GBV actors’ capacity to respond to both sets of cases, and we are scrambling to increase the efforts in building these skills. I would however suggest that you already have a head-start in that the actors already have some experience in working closely together.


I am attaching a link to the Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative (CASI) COVID-19 Guidance Note. CASI is also developing a specific TIP sheet for the coordination aspects.   

Later in the year CASI is planning to offer an online training/workshop on coordination of case management for CP and GBV coordinators, which you might be interested in attending to share your experiences and learn from others.


Meanwhile, CASI is working on a participatory approach for CP and GBV actors to better understand and address the barriers that adolescent survivors of sexual violence face when seeking services. From our experience, this is an important area for CP and GBV actors, including Health and PSS to work together on with young people.  


I would be very grateful if we could stay in contact, and continue sharing experiences.


Warmest regards,




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