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Huda Ghalegolabi

Hello colleagues, 

I hope all is doing well. I was wondering if the webinar on the new technical note on child helplines in the context of the COVID19 response was recorded? and will be shared?

It seems like I missed it for the second time.


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Good morning everyone!
On Thursday 4th June at 2pm CEST, Child Helplines International (CHI), the Alliance for CP in humanitarian action, the CP AoR and UNICEF are co-hosting a webinar with a Q&A session to present the new technical note on child helplines in the context of the COVID19 response. The note will be issued in the coming days and aims at:
  1. Providing practical guidance to child protection actors and service providers, including government departments, (I)NGOs, CSOs and UN agencies and child protection coordination groups on how they might provide support to children and families through a helpline service; or by collaboration with an existing national child helpline;
  2. Exploring how existing child helplines  can contribute to, and participate in, efforts to support children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic, through child protection mechanisms and systems.  This includes expanding their services, and with a view to avoiding duplication. 
You can register and find more information here. We look forward to your participation, questions and sharing of experiences!
best regards,

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