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Lauren Bienkowski

Hello All, 

We've frequently received questions related to what supports are available for parents, related to both positive parenting tips and their own mental health.   Thus, we would like to share some recent resources on these topics. 

  • UNICEF Parenting Resources and Tips
  • Tips for parents and caregivers during COVID-19 School Closures: Supporting children’s wellbeing and learning, by Save the Children and the MHPSS Collaborative (available in English, Spanish, and French)
  • The CP AoR MHPSS Coordination Specialist, in collaboration with Save the Children and UNICEF MHPSS Specialists, developed tipsheets on promoting the wellbeing of caregivers and their children along with messages for parents/caregivers.  Wellbeing Tipsheets are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Swahili currently.  The Messages for Parents doc is available in English and Arabic.
  • Parenting for Lifelong Health along with partners, such as UNICEF, WHO, and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against children, has developed 6 parenting tip sheets on 1) One-on-One Time; 2) Keeping it Positive; 3) Structure Up; 4) Managing Challenging Behaviors; 5) Keeping Calm and Managing Stress; and 6) Talking about COVID-19.  The posters / tipsheets are currently available in over 50 languages, with more languages to be added soon.  *Note: Please adapt messages as appropriate (for example, language around “bad behaviors” on tipsheet 4 may not be ideal, so consider using alternative, more positive language).
Please let us know if you have any questions about these resources,