discoordination challenges in the response #coordination

Eric Wyss

We've been contacted with questions about challenges in coordinating the response during COVID, as newly established platforms are not building on existing coordination mechanisms. Also, these new platforms are heavily focusing on health aspects of the emergency and child protection actors are struggling to get their voice heard. Any ideas or examples to address this? 

Chris Cooper - ChildFund

Eric, is it possible to provide some examples of these new platforms for COVID-19 response coordination? The CAT-Team has discussed the strategy of promoting the centrality of CP in the multilateral COVID-19 response frameworks, so that regional and country-level CP advocacy becomes more about the need to follow the multilateral response frameworks, with messaging about why it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. A quicker, more effective response can be coordinated by adhering to the multilateral frameworks (which, if we have done our work, emphasize cross-sectoral CP.

Petra Heusser - CP AoR

Hi Chris,

Yes, absolutely agreed on not reinventing the wheel!
The activation of coordination platforms should always aim to reinforce national mechanisms and established coordination groups, avoid duplication and creation of parallel systems!
From the CP AoR we've worked on a few Key Aspects on the Activation of Child Protection Coordination Platforms for Responding to COVID-19 to guide this - have a look at the attachment or here.

As for country examples, I hope we can hear from colleagues based in operations - over to them!