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Fatuma Ibrahim

COVID-19 and the measures countries have put in place to contain its spread are shifting modalities for humanitarian response. In countries where there are travel and movement restrictions, international actors are not able to travel to the field and so the provision of services is now heavily reliant on local staff and local partners. The CP AoR is keen to learn from Child Protection Coordination Groups about the modalities they have developed to ensure that children with protection risks are still able to access preventive and protective CP services. The CP AoR would, specifically, like to learn how CP Coordination groups are supporting local partners to play a central role in the provision of CP Services, particularly at the community level. It would also be important to get examples and lessons learned about how community-based child protection mechanisms are contributing to the protection of children in the COVID-19 preparedness and response. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on opportunities for increasing the participation of national and local actors in the COVID-19 response. 


To ensure effective and efficient response during the pandemic, local NGO through coordinated approach with community base volunteers, Child protection committee, clubs and Associations serve as the first responder to provide Child protection services with full support of community leaders. Therefore equipping the local NGO with international best practice should be the priority  area of both UN and international organizations. GSF adopted this process where we use our trained CPC for identification and referral to basic services and recruited community base case workers and PSS facilitators to provide integrated case management support and PSS with a remote supervision from the child protection officer using phone call where there are full lockdown and community visit ones in a week.

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Fatuma Ibrahim

The Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Area of Responsibility are pleased to invite you to the virtual webinar: Localizing the COVID-19 Response

Date: 17 June 2020 | Time: 14:00-15:30 (CET) | Zoom Meeting Register here  

In this webinar, we shall have speakers from national and local organizations in four different humanitarian contexts who will share their experiences on localisation and coordination during the COVID-19 Response. The aim is to discuss what opportunities for enhancing localisation during and beyond the COVID-19 response and to create a platform for exchanging good practices and lessons learned.

The webinar is mainly for Education and CP Cluster Coordinators and their members, Education and Child Protection Programme Chiefs/Managers from UNICEF and Programme Development and Quality Directors (PDQ) from Save the Children,  Street Child UK and other NGOs, Cluster Strategic Advisory Groups, Government co-leads of CP and Education Coordination Groups, Education and CP Regional Advisors from UNICEF,  INGO, NNGO, and their Senior Management Teams.

For any queries, please contact the Global Education Cluster or Child Protection Area of Responsibility: Kemal Alp Taylan kemal.alptaylan@...Fatuma Hamidali Ibrahim fhibrahim@...

We look forward to you joining and participating in this webinar.