UNICEF GBViE Podcast 'Episode 4: Using Primero/GBVIMS+ for COVID-19 Response' is now live! #Gender #COVID19Resource #Learning #gbv #primero

Bethany Plummer

Dear all,

The latest episode of UNICEF's GBViE Podcast Series is available now!

Episode 4: Using Primero/GBVIMS+ for COVID-19 response

In this 4th episode of the UNICEF GBViE podcast, Caroline Masboungi and Elfriede Kormawa from UNICEF discuss with Ayesha Siddiqa Ireen from Relief International in Bangladesh about the use of Primero/GBVIMS+ in the context of the response to COVID-19 pandemic. Primero/GBVIMS+ enables services providers responding to GBV to safely and ethically document information from their service provision. This allows them to stay on track with where they are at in terms of the service provision as well as ensuring accountability towards GBV survivors to remember to follow up on referrals made and action plans developed with the survivor.

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