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Perrine Corcuff

Hi everyone,

you'll see here some info on an online workshop taking place tomorrow, 31st July at 12 pm EDT.

Convened by "No Limit Generation" the workshop will be led by two speakers, Phyllis Aries, an occupational therapist specializing in neonatal intensive care, and Dr. Marilyn Sanders, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine & attending neonatologist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. 

In the context of COVID-19, with physical distancing, viewing relatives outside of immediate families as contagion risk, the normal connections that help young children, babies and families feel safe have been disrupted. The workshop will explore the ways in which caregivers and families can overcome these barriers to stay connected with their children and develop positive feedlings of safety.

The workshop is designed for parents, social workers and healthcare professionals who'll learn: 
  • How to navigate the social disruptions of the pandemic to safeguard your infant or young child's emotional health and development.
  • Helpful methods to support healthy sensory regulation, comfort, and sleep for young children and infants.
  • How to overcome challenging thoughts and emotions through effective self-care techniques.
More info about this workshop and registration here: Event Brite

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Have a great rest of the week.



Perrine Corcuff

Hi everyone,
the recording of this webinar is available here:
It provides a great recap on what makes infants feel safe and of the importance of the connection with mothers and caregivers in this regard. It's also a very practical reflection on how COVID-19 and its immediate consequences (wearing a mask, social distancing, mothers being themselves positive to COVID-19 in some occurrences...) may affect that connection, hence the sense of safety of newborn and young babies.
The webinar walks you through practical calming and breathing techniques, which would be relevant for parents, caregivers and practitioners who are in contact with young children. It also emphazises the need for self-care and suggests some tips for that purpose. 
Hope you'll find it useful!