COVID-19 aftershocks: Access denied, teenage pregnancy threatens to block a million girls across sub-Saharan Africa from returning to school/World Vision report #Education #Advocacy #harmfulpractices

Perrine Corcuff

Dear all,

sharing here (attached and on online here on WVI website) a report just published by World Vision, documenting the linkages between school closures during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and a tremendous increase of teenage pregnancy and highlighting how pregnant girls may be blocked from resuming schools (World Vision estimates that as many as one million girls across sub-Saharan Africa are in this situation due to pregnancy during COVID-19 school closures). 

Presenting case studies from Mozambique, Ghana, Malawi and Kenya and examples of countries such as Sierra Leone, that has recently lifted its ban on pregnant girls attending schools, the report also introduces key recommendations on how to support pregnant girls and adolescent mothers to continue their education during and after COVID-19 and calls on governments, UN agencies, donors, NGOs and the private sector to: ensure continued learning during school closures; create an enabling policy environment to allow access to education; organise public awareness and targeted back-to-school campaigns; deliver gender-transformative teacher training and fully finance education.

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